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Plan to surround yourself with things you love and treasure. We don't own anything forever, we're just caretakers!

Get rid of obvious garbage. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Pass along items you no longer want, use or need. The lucky recipients can be family, friends or your favourite charity!

Remember the heavier the box, the higher the risk of damage to items in transit.

Now you're ready to enjoy your new home!

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Newmarket Diva


Rosy Tersigni is the local Diva offering senior move service to the communities of Newmarket, Aurora and King Township and brings to the downsizing team strong planning and organizing skills, a keen eye for design, and a passion for helping others.

Being extremely organized has helped her successfully oversee many moves - both on a professional and personal perspective. She not only assisted her mother and mother-in law with their physical moves, but she helped them deal with the emotional impact of parting with personal items and their homes.

Rosy loves to solve a good problem, and is the 'go to' for many of her friends who look to her for assistance in planning and organizing all sorts of events and activities. She is friendly, compassionate has a ton of energy and is always available to lend a helping hand.

Rosy is thrilled to be a part of the Downsizing Diva team and is ready to pick, pack, pitch, and pass along. She believes that downsizing is an investment in health and well-being and embraces the notion of getting rid of the clutter to enjoy simpler living.

When she's not working she loves every hot minute of yoga, throws and sweeps rocks, plays golf by her rules, spends time in her garden, enjoys a good book and always has a technology toy close at hand.

She will be happy to provide a complimentary consultation - call (416-809-7679) or email ( to setup an appointment

Downsizing Diva - serving Newmarket & surrounding areas
"Moving and Downsizing Solutions for Seniors in Newmarket & surrounding areas!"

Everyone is talking about simplifying, organizing and downsizing. The best time to do all of this is BEFORE you move, not after you move. Here's what we're hearing...

"I want to move, but I don't know where to begin."
"What do I do with all the stuff my family and I don't want?"
"There's so much to do and so little time to get it done before Move Day!"
"Moving? Am I doing the right thing?"

Moving for seniors is often accompanied by feelings of excitement, guilt and anxiety. Just the thought of going through years of accumulated treasures, downsizing and getting organized, causes people to become... OVERWHELMED!

No doubt about it, moving for seniors is stressful. Whether you're moving for the first time or the fifteenth time, moving across town or moving around the world, the Diva can help. We'll plan and organize your move, sort and downsize your stuff and take care of all the details to reduce the work and worry for everyone involved.

With Downsizing Diva, you will have some fun and enjoy the downsizing and moving process as much as the move itself!

Are you ready to take the stress out of your upcoming move? If you answered, "YES!", you're ready for THE Downsizing Diva... and, she's ready for you!

Downsizing Diva Makes Moving for Seniors Easy in Newmarket.

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